Los Angeles Botox Course FAQs

Who teaches the course?

The person who will be taking the Dentox training course is called Dr Howard Katz, a man who has worked for many years in order to support and teach those who have wanted to learn about Botox training.

What credentials does Dr Howard Katz have?

As well as having spent forty years working in the Botox industry and perfecting the skills and techniques that have been adopted the world over as the leading industry standards, Dr Howard Katz has patented the majority of the tools and techniques that are now used in hospitals and medical centers across the world for the administration of Botox. He has taught all over the world in a variety of different educational and medical institutions in the States, Europe, South Africa, and Israel. He is the very best in the area of Botox, and is the person that you want to be taught by.

How long is the training course?

Remarkably this is just a one day course, with absolutely no need for anyone to take more than one day off their busy working day or day off in order to gain all of these new skills and techniques.

What topics are covered in the Botox teaching?

As well as the theory of exactly how Botox works, Dr Howard Katz will cover a large number of topics including the different legal statuses of Botox, its various chemical counterparts that are also used in the same way that Botox is, and the areas of the body that Botox is frequently used for. There are other training programs that include some areas of this, but what really sets the Dentox training course apart is that there are live patients that attend the training that are available for attendees to be able to practise their newly learned techniques on, cementing their knowledge immediately and making it easy to transfer those skills to their own dental practices.

What other topics are taught in the course?

Although Botox is often the biggest draw to the Dentox training course, there are actually two other main topics that are taught in this one day course. The first is dermal fillers, a technique that allows special chemical liquids to be injected underneath the skin in order to create a smoother, less wrinkled, and plumper look for a patient’s face. The second topic is platelet rich plasma, a substance that is often misunderstood and not used. Blood is taken from the patient, enriched with extra platelets, and then re-injected into the body part of the patient that requires the extra growth stimulation that the platelet rich plasma can provide. Although used in many ways to plump up the skin and give a more youthful appearance, platelet rich plasma is also used to stimulate growth after an operation or physical stress. These are both fascinating topics that can provide more useful treatment options for your patients.

What sort of health professionals can go on the course?

Many different kinds of health professionals can take part of this training course, but it has been created purposefully for dental professionals. Dentists have the previous experience with needles and injectables that many other medical experts don’t often have, and work often with the facial nerves and muscles frequently. This makes the Dentox course perfect for dentists and dental nurses.

Where will I have to go for the training?

Unlike other training courses that often are held out of state, and require a long travelling distance and overnight stays – but this training course is located within Los Angeles itself, so that you do not need to travel a long way and spend copious amounts of money in order to attend.

To register for the Botox training program in Los Angeles, call 310-956-1805.

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