Botox Training Los Angeles
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Botox Training Los Angeles
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Botox Training Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
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Dr. Katz Offers Hands-On Botox Training in Los Angeles

Botox Training

Dr. Katz, an authority in Botox education, now offers live, hands-on Botox Training in Los Angeles. How would you like to be trained by an expert who did the research on the treatments you want to learn most and whose name is also on Botox patent applications? Without paying for the extra’s like travel to get to the courses, hotel accommodation, lost income while away from your practice? Southern California doctors, don’t allow these factors to get in the way.

Receive world class training in Botox, and receive Botox certification in Los Angeles so that you can start or grow your own Botox business right away. Now is the time to expand your skills, develop others you never thought you could, and give your bottom line a huge boost.

Dermal fillers and Botox treatments have been over complicated. Simpler less traumatic and less side-effect prone treatments have beeen mastered by Dr Howard Katz . As well as investigating the newer and better ways that Botox can be administered, Dr Howard Katz is also on the patents for a number of aesthetic techniques medical professionals are using all over the world, besides the use Botoxulinum Toxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, etc). He collaborated with key companies in the industry, such as Prollenium and Allergan Medicis, he has spearheaded the new research and expertise that is now used in medical and dental practices across the country. He has spoken and taught in many universities, including NSU, the AGD, NYU, and in events in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and South Africa. Enjoy an incomparable learning experience, and pick the brains of the man who has been the world leader in this field.

Dr Katz

Dr Howard Katz has pioneered new ways of effectively training medical professionals with Botox and Dermal Fillers over the years, in fact, all other training programs have at least in part been derived from his innovations in the field. He has trained and certified students from all over the world, who now account for thousands of successful Botox businesses. He is also on the cutting edge of the latest research, teaching all the applications of Botox for aesthetics as well as therapeutics such as depression, cervical dystonia, hyperhydrosis, TMD, and more. Students learn how to avoid creating side effects, and learn how to reverse them should any occur. There are also a wealth of tips not taught in other programs, including how to save thousands in wasted product (pays for the course many times over). On top of the hands on skills, students learn proven marketing techniques to jump start their Southern California Botox business from day one.

Dr Katz Botox Training

Dr. Katz is now also including his DentoX LIFT technique in this program, which allows his students to make impacting aesthetic improvements to the jawline and cheekbones with only the use of injectibles. This 30 minutes, non-surgical technique cannot be found in any other program..

Just one day – this Los Angeles Botox & Dermal Fillers intensive is absolutely packed with hands on examples, personal attention, and new techniques so that you can get your business up and running in no time. Each program contains comprehensive instruction in Botox, Dermal Fillers, and a third complimentary module (Platelet Rich Plasma in 2017). This one day intensive program is unlike anything anyone else is currently offering, so ensure that you book a spot in the next highly anticipated event before it sells out.


A huge amount in a day – Dr. Katz has stripped away the didactic non-practical theoretical information that is accessible online (he will give you the links).

There is significant emphasis on the technical knowledge that is required in order to offer Botox safely to a patient, as well as how to sell the cases. You will gain an understanding of the differences and properties of the various FDA-approved agents, such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. He focus only on the practical knowledge necessary to actually inject Botox, fillers or PRP, how to use them to enhance facial aesthetics like never before (DentoX LIFT) and succeed with a Botox business in Los Angeles (or any part of the United States).

Dr Katz Training

This one day intensive program is unlike anything anyone else is currently offering, so ensure that you book a spot in the next highly anticipated event before it sells out. You will even have the chance to use your new skills immediately, as it will be possible to practice your new therapeutic and cosmetic Botox injection techniques on live patients on the day, giving you the confidence to use these same techniques on other patients. You will also learn how to inject fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, how to combine fillers and Botox, and when never to use them at the same time.

You will also be taught how to fix your unwanted side effects as well as those from other healthcare professionals.

In addition there is information on how to jumpstart your sales of these treatments and materials. Dr Katz has interviewed hundreds of his most successful doctors that he has trained to find out how to sell these treatments all day long, as well as maximize profit from your current patient base without having to "hard sell".

All attendees take away 18 hours of CE’s - 10 hours of Continued Education Credits for the day, as well as free access to Dentox online training courses (which normally cost $1398) which include 8 additional credits. This affords you the opportunity to earn a total of 18 CE credits for the cost of a single course as well as being able to revise this information any time in the future at your leisure. (Full Course Syllabus Here)


We are so certain of your satisfaction with the Botox Training program in Los Angeles, that should you attend the course and feel it does not exceed your expectations, let us know that day before the first break, and you will receive a full refund. In addition, should you find the same training at a cheaper price within 30 days of this course, we will also happily refund you the difference.